WFT MILL CNC - Universal Milling Machine

WFT MILL is an universal milling machine based on WFT 13 CNC bestseller concept. The machine comes without a live spindle, it is equipped with an automatical head (with 2,5˚ or 1˚ indexing) or a micro-positioning milling head. WFT Mill allows heavy chip removal thanks to its powerful headstock and a wide rigid column.


WFT MILL CNC - Universal Milling Machine

Technical parameters

Control Systems - Heidenhain iTNC 530/ Fanuc 31i / Siemens 840D

Machine Axes - The basic floor plan of WFT Mill CNC machines is horizontal table travel (X-Axis), vertical headstock travel (Y-Axis) and horizontal column travel (Z-Axis).

Machine Design:

Modular design lets our customers configure the machine according to their requirements.

Table type

Floor Type

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